Monday 6 May 2024

Early May and finally an arrival of rare and scarce birds on the East Coast including a presumed Siberian Stonechat (singing male) and this unquestionable male Collared Flycatcher trapped in Kilnsea and remaining for two days.

Collared Flycatcher, Kilnsea, May 24 - John Hewitt


Wednesday 15 November 2023

Spotted Flycatcher, Kilnsea, 15th November 23, a very late bird! - John Hewitt

Arctic Redpoll, Kilnsea, October 23 - Ian Smith

Hen Harrier, Kilnsea, November 23, - John Hewitt A good autumn for this species along the Humber

Red-flanked Bluetail, Kilnsea, October 23 - Ian Smith

Caspian Stonechat, Hunley Hall, Brotton, October 23 - Ian Smith


Tuesday 31 October 2023


No, not the Flamborough Red-headed Bunting but Scopoli,s Shearwater! This follows the official acceptance of a bird seen at numerous localities along the east coast of Britain including in Yorkshire at both at Filey Brigg and Cowbar on 9th July 2020. The bird was easily tracked as an individual, as, having been photographed and identified in Scotland it had a noticeable white patch on one of its wings, which also allowed for an element of hindsight identification which was the case with both Yorkshire sightings. 

So what about the Flamborough bunting? The bird remains in situ at the time of posting and is generally thought to be a Red-headed Bunting although non breeding plumaged birds are very similar to Black-headed Buntings but with a poo sample obtained it is expected that the identification will be resolved with certainty. Then of course there is the small matter of whether the bird is accepted as a wild bird Both species (particularly Red-headed) were formerly kept commonly as a cage bird, but, as this is no longer the case it is hoped the authorities will view things more favourably. With these complications in mind it probably goes without saying that anyone who has seen the bird should currently retain it on their pending list, but of course, if and when it makes the grade we will ask you to let us know so it can be added to your Yorkshire Listers League tally. For the time being maybe you should just go and enjoy it!

Presumed Red-headed Bunting, Flamborough, Oct 23 - Paul Coombes

Waxwing, Bridlington, Oct 23 - Rich Willison


 Rough-legged Buzzard, Stone Creek, Oct 23 - Rich Willison


Tuesday 26 September 2023


An Eastern Olivaceous Warbler has been found at Long Nab Scarborough today.

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All photos - John Harwood


Monday 25 September 2023

                                    STOP PRESS 

Today has seen the discovery of this cracking Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at RSPB Blacktoft Sands 

- photo by Paul Coombes


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In Yorkshire listing terms things don't get much bigger than a County first so there was great excitement when a Brown Booby was found sat on the sea off Flamborough Head. Unfortunately, it didn't linger long and all bar a fortunate few were left hugely frustrated as there was no further sign by dark. Next morning however, the booby was photographed on Filey Brigg and although it flew off, it was quickly relocated at Hunmanby Gap where it spent the next few days allowing most keen listers to catch up with it. When it eventually moved on from Hunmanby it was soon relocated at South Gare (just this side of the Tees which is the Yorkshire border) where it is still present at the time of writing. A Booby trap!. Interestingly some authorities already treat Brown Booby as three species (Atlantic, Brewer’s and Indo Pacific) but should IOC (thus BOU) decide to adopt the split, the Yorkshire bird looks good to be accepted as Atlantic Brown Booby. Anyway, as we envisage no problems with the acceptance of this bird, Brown Booby should be added to your Yorkshire list below Gannet and is deemed countable for the Yorkshire Listers League with immediate effect. The new updated list is available on request from 

The other excitement this month was the record of an Upland Sandpiper which flew south at Spurn on 16th September, sadly never to be seen again. Although nobody saw the bird well enough to identify, it was very vocal, and a fortunate few managed to see that it was a medium sized, Ruff like wader. We will await for official acceptance before adding Upland Sandpiper to the Yorkshire list but the combination of record photographs and a sound recording of the all-important and distinct call should see this bird officially added to the Yorkshire list soon.

Brown Booby, South Gare, September 23, Damian Money

Images below - Brown Booby, South Gare, September 23, Martyn Sidwell

Upland Sandpiper, Spurn, September 23 - Harry Appleyard

Pectoral Sandpiper with Ruff, Beacon Ponds, September 23 - John Hewitt

Monday 28 August 2023

Pectoral Sandpiper, Beacon Ponds, August 2023 - John Hewitt

Roseate Terns, Beacon Ponds, August 2023 - John Hewitt

Temminck's Stint, Kilnsea Wetlands, August 2023 - John Hewitt


Ruddy Shelducks, Beacon Ponds, August 2023 - John Hewitt