Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A great series of shots posted below of the very photogenic Rough-legged Buzzard at Grindale taken by Rich Willison


  1. Hi all
    Tried to get on to a more appropriate site, but trying to post a message on the Barnsley Birders site was thwarted at every turn - no comments allowed and email contact blocked! Just to say a Cetti's Warbler juv ringed at Wintersett in July dispersed about 100km NW to Middleton near Heysham and was caught there at the end of September (seemingly a one-day bird along with two others at this non-breeding location). Please could you pass on & full details will obviously be received from the BTO in due course. Thanks. Pete Marsh

    1. Thanks Pete, the Barnsley blog is very much outdated now. Barnsley bird news is now carried on twitter on the Barnsley Birders site @Barnsleybsg via which you can reach us instantly. Thanks again for making all the effort to get the message though and great to hear from you. Hopefully see you soon at Spurn! JH