Friday, 20 June 2014

American Black Scoter

Yorkshire's first record of American Black Scoter at Redcar - Rich Willison First seen and identified by Dave Britton late Monday the news was released Tuesday morning once it was confirmed still present and with the long nights gave many Yorkshire listers a good opportunity to add it to their tally. Loafing offshore with several hundred Common Scoters the bird was not always easy to pick up in the swell, but once latched onto, the large bright yellow blob on the bill stood out like a belisha beacon! Many people were expecting it to remain in situ for a long time but with no further sighting since Wednesday some have been caught playing it a little too casual. As is often the case with birds in Cleveland a few of the newer Yorkshire listers were unsure as to if the bird was countable on their Yorkshire list. As a general rule Cleveland birds south of the River Tees are within the historical County of Yorkshire. Click on IN OR OUT? - The Yorkshire Boundary for more details.

For those in possession of the electronic Yorkshire list American Black Scoter should be inserted below Common Scoter and is already deemed countable as we do not anticipate a problem with the acceptance of this bird.

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